Ann Rutledge

Founder and CEO, Spectrum Ratings, Adjunct Associate Professor, Columbia University


Ann is Founder of Spectrum Ratings, an independent credit rating agency based in New York which she founded in 1999.  Their clients include regulatory agencies, banks, hedge funds, micro-finance institutions, specialty asset-intensive conduits, etc.  Prior to this role, she was Vice President/SR Analyst Structured Finance at Moody’s Investors Service where she was Lead analyst for large bank multi-seller and highly structured single-seller asset-backed commercial paper conduits. She was also ABS analyst on sub-prime automobile loans and leases.

She was the original author of Moody’s method for Hong Kong RMBS and provided significant input into Moody’s methodological approach to rating clearinghouse risk. She also authored Moody’s Approach to Jointly Supported Prime-1 Liquidity Facilities.

She previously led the non-Japan Asia structured and project ratings businesses for Moody’s.

Ann specializes in the valuation of structured finance securities and exchange-traded instruments.

She possesses, deep knowledge of transitional ABCP/SIV structures, emphasis on mortgage and exotic collateral. In 2010, Ann was invited to testify before the U.S. Senate following the Dodd-Frank (Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act)

Ann is co-author of two books: Elements of Structured Finance and The Analysis of Structured Securities. Her published research includes Asian Markets 1997 Year In Review/1998 Outlook, Moody’s Approach To The Hong Kong Residential MBS Market; China’s securitization market (for Swift Institute). 

Ann holds an MBA from Chicago Booth School of Business.